Fruit Logistica 2018

The first year of my Nuffield Farming Scholarship has come to an end and with just under 6 months to go until the report deadline is due, I find myself looking at how to efficiently manage my travel time.


Fortunately at Fruit Logistica, held in the fantastic city of Berlin, I was able to fix meetings with businesses I had struggled to get in touch with, meet other Nuffield Farming scholars and approach new organisations whose products I have an interest in.

It really has been a good start to the year for plant based eating. Firstly Veganuary was instrumental in increasing sales of fruit and vegetables but with the launch of the Wicked Kitchen range of vegan meals this year, there is a real pull from consumers to see vegetables as not just a bit on the side….



Tasmanian country life

A last minute change of plan and I bought a ticket from Melbourne to Devonport to spend a weekend with the family of a fellow Nuffield Scholar who grows vegetables in Penguin.

I quickly learnt that vegetable production is one of the region’s strengths and took advice from Dr Hazel Mctavish-West aka The Veg Doctor to take a look around. The island is passionate about agri-tourism and heavy promotes a taste trail which stops at various businessess including fruit farms, cheesemakers and wineries.

I fell in love with Tasmania but sadly couldn’t extend my stay.

Here are some of my thoughts


How do you solve a problem like nourishment?

I visited the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells last month and took the opportunity to catch up with fellow Nuffield Scholars and talk about my study topic ‘vegetable production for specific nutritional need’.

The food hall was buzzing with activity and it was interesting to see the growth in plant based food products, which leads me to my latest video.

Here I talk about what led me to my current career path and the problem that we have of low nourishment due to our food system. How can it be solved though?

I would like your help to identify vegetable products which have successfully been sold as ‘nutritious foods’ for example beetroot juice as a recovery drink for athletes, and vegetable products with specific high nutrient levels¬†for example;¬†mushrooms with enhanced vitamin D levels or spinach enriched with selenium.