Nuffield Farming Report ‘Vegetable Production for Specific Nutritional Need’

Lets Cook December 2018

The news that my Nuffield Farming report has been published is the highlight of my week.
Given that it landed on the 29th March 2019, it could have been easily lost in other news but people have spotted it on the Nuffield International website and picked out information to comment on and share.

Vegetable consumption for specific nutritional need

It took me years to apply for a Nuffield Farming Scholarship, thinking that it wasn’t for people in the food chain and that I couldn’t afford the time. Fortunately, I was accepted onto the programme and I benefited hugely from taking time out of my business to focus on my research and building relationships with new people, often from different industries and countries.

For anyone with a passion for food and farming, a Nuffield Farming Scholarship opens doors, creates unique opportunties and arms you with the gravitas and credibility to lead real, positive change. I know – it’s worked for me.

Thanks go to

Thank you to the Mike Vacher and the team Nuffield Farming Trust, my sponsors The Food Chain and my Nuffield mentor Rob Ward for the encouragement, financial support and backing.
So many people helped me to get here, from Stephen Fell and the rest of the interview preparation panel in the North East who clearly did a wonderful job. Nuffield Brazil who hosted a fantastic Scholars conference in Brasilia that was a launch pad for personal growth and development and learning the Nuffield Farming values and Nuffield Australia and the individual hosts of the Global Focus Programme who planned an amazing trip over 7 weeks to 6 countries, showing us the food systems, food policy and agricultural policy around the world. The highlight for me was the Nuffield International Trienial conference and field tours in the UK in 2017. The conference “Farming Fit for Food” aligned beautifully with my project as the topics focussed on growing food to help the health of the population.

I started planning the trip for my project months in advance and thank Chris White, Jim Godfrey, Jack Ward, Ali Capper, the team at Rothamsted, Martin Hall Campden Bri and Innovate UK and the many people who connected me to organisations and individuals in the USA, China, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to the Fruitnet Media team for the sponsorship to attend Asiafruit and to Michael Barker in the UK and John Hey in Australia for their time. Franck Platt and the team at Bakkavor China were incredibly helpful and it was great to have them as a resource to lean on. My business mentor, The Food Guide, Claire Brumby helped me plan and keep things on track.

Over the 18 months, I met so many kind and generous people without whom this report would never have happened. Will life return ‘back to normal?’ I doubt it but my friends and family have been patiently supportive and do deserve more of my time and attention. My final thanks go to Jo Kilner, Louise Manning and Alison Blackburn for knocking the report into shape over the last 8 months.


So to read the report, click here:

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