When in Rome….


I took advantage of a business trip to a North Carolina sweet potato grower in December 2016  and spent my free time visiting the local supermarket to have a look at the range of vegetable products.  I am particularly interested in the health claims and nutritional labelling that is used in the US.

I had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of eating orange flesh sweet potato which has a high beta-carotene content. There is interest in improving the nutrient density of crops for the benefit of consumers and I want to find out how nutritionists and growers are working together to achieve this.

My hosts were kind enough to take me out lunch where I was able to enjoy the traditional North Carolina barbeque chicken and Brunswick stew, I declined the deep fried oysters…..

Take a look at my vlog to for a snapshot of my trip..



Barbara Bray Nuffield study vlog Dec 2016



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